What is NuMaps?

We are a company that was formed in response to the general lack of available and easily accessible demographic data in Australia. We believe this information should be available in useful formats to developers, researchers and corporates at all levels, and it shoudl be cost effective.

Depending on what you need NuMaps can be a number of different things. But basically it comes down to us being software developers of Spacial Data. We can build up mapping datasets,operate as a development source for your GIS project, supply you with raw data to do it yourself, host applications or consult on GIS matters withing your organisation. We wear a few differen't hats, but its all based around maps or demographics.


What are DemographicDrapes™?

Our drapes are our window into the statistical data we source. The tell us what information to retrieve and what that information should look like when placed or "draped" over a base map. It's what makes all the information we have sourced useful to our customers. You can just think of it as a coloured statistics map of you like....but we think DemographicDrapes™ is a little catchier.


How do I use your services?

If you want to check out our free DemographicDrapes™ Builder , you can just click here . Alternatively you can visit our Web Services - API to find out how to use our WMS Web Services.


Is NuMaps free?

Yes and No. We provide a free online viewer for the occassional user to view a collection of our DemographicDrapes™ online, but to access the latest information, use your own client, or to build your own applications requires a subscription. 


Do you have data sets outside Australia?

We currently puiblish Australian ABS statistical data and other data sets for this country. We also have some basic New Zealand data, but generally have not looked at obtaining other country data. If you need to obtain this information, speak to us, we would be really keen to move into the overseas market. We have been concentrating in Australia because of the general lack of services available and to perfect our model.


I am an investor and love your work. What can I do?

While we aren't actively looking for investors at this time, you can Contact us and we will happily send you a Information Memorandum* on our company and how you can become a part of it.

* requires you to sign a non disclosure agreement with us


None of these answer my questions. Can I ask others?

Sure. Just fill in the form below with your request and we will get back to you.




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