Using Our Free Browser

Our free DemographicDrapes™ browser

Its not every day you get something for nothing, so its with great pleasure that we present our free DemographicDrapes™ browser to you for nothing, nada, zip, zilch. And as long as we're around so will the free browser. But enough about our altruism...

So What exactly is it? Well, our browser is something you can use whenever you like to research demographic information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as well as a number of other sources. We offer a wide selection of drapes to suit many research needs.

No plug ins

You dont need anything special to access our free browser, just an internet connection and your web browser. The viewer requires no plug-ins and will work with almost any modern web browser. 

Easy to use

We have done our very utmost to make the experience as easy as possible to get to the right information quickly. We made sure that even if you aren't used to using GIS (Geographic Information Systems),  the browser would be intuitive enough to just get going without any assistance or training.

And don't worry, even if you get into trouble, just read hit the help tab on the right hand side. It should set you straight. Any problems after that,  just submit a support request and let's see what we can do.