Customised Browsers

Website Plug In Applications

Some organisations (and web developers) may not have the in-house skills to develop sophisticated GIS browsers for their websites and/or may not want to go to the expense of building these apps. Often, while the functionality would be great to have and data important to publish, core business requirements take precedent. With NuMaps you can continue to concentrate your focus on your business and engage us to build web based GIS viewers that suit your requirements. 

We have experience in building viewers that can be

  • embedded in existing sites using iframes (hosted with us) .
  • made to work with your content management system or website software. Our browser software is built utilising a combination of Html and Javascript. Minimal use of server side technologies is also required in some instances.

DemographicDrapes™ are accessed through remote WMS/WFS services back to our hosted environment. But we also offer consulting services if you want to develop an in-house GIS solution. Contact Us to discuss your needs.