WMS/WFS Web Services

A service to suit everyone

NuMaps offers secures OGC compliant WMS/WFS connectivity for our web service customers. This allows developers to interact directly with our DemographicDrapes™ from your own application interface or third party product. We tailor our pricing to for a number of specific requirements so there's sure to be a product to suit within any budget.

Casual User

Many third party applications allow you to access WMS services directly. While we actively encourage people to use our drape browsers, we understand that the need to access external data sets from multiple sources is an important part of the research process. Therefore, we offer a cost effective web service account to suit.

Package Features Price
NuMaps Casual

2500 daily requests
Access to all DemographicDrapes™
Single User Access License

$ 2000 per year

Supported Viewers

  • Gaia - Versions x,y,z
  • MapInfo - Versions 8.x plus

Contact us if you utilise a different viewer or to discuss your needs.

Multi User/Corporate

For use in scenarios where there may be a limited number of users and use is sparodic. With a multiuser license you can take advantage of significant savings while still gaining access to our full collection of DemographicDrapes™. Particularly suited to

  • Intranet Applications
  • Corporations with multiple third party GIS clients
  • User based CRM applications
  • Research Applications
Package Features Price
NuMaps Multi

Access to all DemographicDrapes™
5 User Access License
10000 daily requests*

$ 6000 per year
NuMaps Multi - 5 User Cal

Access to all DemographicDrapes™
5 User Access License
10000 daily requests*

$ 6000 per year


Publish our DemographicDrapes™ everywhere. On your Website, Intranet or corporate application. By only paying for the drapes you actually publish, we can really keep those costs down. Great for

  • Local Councils
  • Government Departments
  • General Business
  • Industry Bodies
  • Research Organisations
  • Larger Intranets / Extranets

Access the service via a single URL and take advantage of special NuMaps extensions to the WMS / WFS specification allowing you to test your connectivity easily.

Package Features Price
NuMaps Publisher

Available for public sites
Any 5 DemographicDrapes™ of your choice
SSL access
25000 requests per day*

$5000 per year
Additional DemographicDrapes™ Purchased individually
Requires NuMaps Publisher
5000 requests per day*
$1000 per year
NuMaps Ultimate

Available for public sites**
Access to all our drapes***
SSL access
100000 requests per day*

$20000 per year
NuMaps Boundary

Optional SSL access
25000 requests per day*

$5000 per year

Contact Us to discuss your needs.

* Excess request charges apply at $20 per 1000.
** Single domain based licensing applies.
*** Reselling and republishing is not permitted.