Free DemographicDrapes™ Viewer

Free Edition

We provide a Free Edition of our award winning DemographicDrapes™ viewer, perfect for individual researchers, students or even just to settle a discussion with your friends. 

All a registered user needs is a web browser and access to the internet (although we do suggest you have a broadband connection). Our browser includes many of our most popular DemographicDrapes™ based on ABS 2006 Census data.

Our DemographicDrapes™ viewer includes:

  •          Access to a library of DemographicDrapes™ filters
  •          Access to Administrative Boundaries
  •          MyData feature supports data upload and analysis
  •          Collections feature supports harvesting of statistical areas for reporting and charting
  •          DrapeBuilder feature supports building of custom DemographicDrapes™ filters
  •          TargetAnalysis feature supports the analysis of target markets

Register Here and access our Free Edition of the DemographicDrapes™ viewer immediately.