About Numaps

A bit of the detail...

NuMaps is based in Sydney Australia and formed  in 2008. Since we started this crazy ride our motto has been "Demographics - Everybody Counts". Apart from the corny pun, it has served as the basis of our business culture. We believe that anybody should be able access fantastic data from the ABS and elsewhere around the country and for it to be readable, interpretable and affordable. And we think the best way to experience this information is through the interactivity of spatial representation. So we develop applications and services that encapsulate this idea.

Brad Spencer - Managing Director

NuMaps is the brain child of Managing Director, Brad Spencer. Brad is an experienced GIS specialist who started off as a cartographic draftsman in Adelaide. Over the years Brad has put together an impressive resume in the spatial arena, both in Australia and overseas. He has held key positions in a number of top 500 corporations in the field of GIS. A few years ago Brad realised that there was a movement away from expensive in house GIS (and other) systems to a distributed services model and so formed NuMaps to accommodate this shift.

Today we keep Brad locked up in the basement creating DemographicDrapes™ and building on the great foundation of applications he has put together. Occasionally we let him out when his Siba board obligations dictate, where he is helping to liberate spatial data from the confines of government and other organisations. Siba and Brad also promote GIS use on a broader scale across the country.

Ben Spencer - Chief Technology Officer

Helping Brad by keeping the systems running and developing the back-end is Chief Technology Officer, Ben Spencer.

Ben has been involved in internet technologies since people were asking "Google who?" and has enjoyed developing web applications for a number of high profile companies. For the best part of the last decade Ben was CIO of the largest independent stock photography agency in the world, where he assisted in the transformation from local business to global corporation. Now days Ben is deeply involved in the server side development of the business using tools like Cubewerx and Geoserver, bending them to his bidding. Ben also writes the odd bit of content.

Over the last year we have been developing our products, working with a small collection of customers to trial our web services and have formulated a great strategy moving forward. We are currently unfunded by any financial institute and have been devoting considerable time and resources to our offerings. Our current strategy is to grow our business organically and keep adding DemographicDrapes™ to our ever growing list.

If you would like to know more about NuMaps, or are interested in investing please feel free to Contact us.